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Nº Registro Empresa Instaladora de Telecomunicaciones: 11721

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The city councils (AAPP - "Administració Pública"), that would like to offer an Internet access service to its citizens, could do it through our company. On this particular subject, we offer both - technical and commercial - support. We also provide the hardware and the software required for starting with this activity.



We offer the following services:

  • Internet connectivity for all citizens who wish it.
  • Installation and configuration of the required infrastructure.
  •  Preparation and writing down of the project, requested by the CMT ("Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones"), in order to obtain the required license and being able to start with this activity.
  • Installation of the required antennas to the end users.
  • Manteinance of the infrastructure.
  • Troubleshooting of both sides, the end users and the city council owned infrastructure.
  • Dealer provisioning, the city council in this case, with the hardware and software needed to perform this activity.
  • Technical and commercial advice to the city council.
  • Any other need, that may arise, can be studied.

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